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Our Work

Hillside Garden

This overgrown and vine covered hillside was transformed into something beautiful. Packed with mostly native shrubs and soil stabilizing herbaceous plants to help with erosion control.

Suburban Pollinator Paradise

The homeowners wanted to transform this plain and weedy area into a small, low maintenance pollinator friendly garden. The grasses and perennials had a TON of growth in their first year and the pollinators are already flocking! We love the personal touches our clients add to their gardens, check out these little handmade llamas.

Country Roadside Garden

This busy roadside had plenty of weeds and invasive grasses growing (along with a wonderful stand of rudbeckia). The homeowners wanted to bring in some native plant diversity while also screening part of their home with appropriately sized shrubs. They have done a great job with keeping up on maintenance and the plants continue to establish themselves, while also keeping weeds out!

Charming Family Garden

New homeowners wanted a fresh start and a plant palette to go along with their charming suburban home while being fairly low maintenance and would provide year round interest for their growing family to enjoy.